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    • It has 7 cable ports in total,
    • 6 20mm round cable ports,
    • 1 oval port which can let in and out 1pc 42mm cable or 2pcs 20mm cables,.
    • Voltage Strength:under 15KV direct current,without breakdown or flashover phenomenon.
    • Insulation Resistance:≥2×104MΩ
    • Tensile Force:≥800N
    • Leakproofness:inflate the closure,making internal pressure to 100Kpa,then put the closure into the water over 15min,without any bubbles or pressure drop happened.
    • Impact Strength:can bear 16N.m.after 3 impact times,there is no crack on the body.
    • Size DxH:230mmx550mm
    • Weight:2.7Kg
    • Oval port diameter:42mm;round port diameter:20mm
    • Max capacity:144cores,6pcs 24c splice tray.
    • Splitting:1×16/1×32 mini PLC splitters and 18pcs/36pcsSC adaptors
    •  Assembled with valve core and grounding device.
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