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KSh6,500 KSh5,500
KSh6,500 KSh6,000
KSh7,500 KSh7,000
KSh3,000 KSh2,500
KSh11,000 KSh9,000
KSh6,000 KSh5,500
KSh4,500 KSh3,500
KSh10,000 KSh9,000
KSh10,500 KSh10,000
KSh11,000 KSh9,500
KSh9,000 KSh8,000
KSh6,000 KSh5,000
KSh3,500 KSh2,500
KSh15,000 KSh13,500
KSh4,500 KSh3,000
KSh50,000 KSh45,000
KSh2,500 KSh2,000
KSh1,200 KSh900
KSh1,000 KSh750
KSh19,000 KSh18,000
KSh7,500 KSh6,000
KSh20,000 KSh18,000
KSh4,500 KSh3,500
KSh2,500 KSh1,800
KSh11,000 KSh10,000

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